Casario Design Studio projects are fueled by global inspirations with a strong design concept embodying open-minded creativity. The Studio’s aesthetics and touch of tropical influenced designs burst with vibrant colors, highlight its sophisticated signature style. Tailored designs lie at the heart of our approach, ensuring every detail contributes to a space that’s visually stunning and exceptionally functional.

The Studio’s projects are designed with elegance as a constant companion, curating elements that breathe luxury, class, and timeless appeal into every project. Each undertaking is an everlasting masterpiece, where your desires and aspirations rightfully take center stage. We believe our role as interior designers is to elevate your story and to accomplish this, we must embrace your story.
Raisa Imar Ortiz our Interior Designer, Creative Director, and Founder is best known for her minimalistic approach paired with a maximalist personality. Raisa Imar seamlessly blends simplicity and extravagance with the use of materials and unparalleled craftmanship. Her concepts Infuse projects with a subtle touch of her Puerto Rican and European roots, as she crafts unique spaces that reflect both restraint and vibrant personalities. Her commitment and approach to functional and timeless designs, combined with a deep understanding of clients’ visions, ensures authenticity in every project.
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